Building a home

I love building a home. I’ve felt happier in my home lately, more able to embrace the wood paneling and ignore the quirky things in my home and just feel calm here. After years of working on building a home, I finally feel really quite happy with most stuff in my house. That’s taken a while.


(Sometimes I think about changing my artwork, shown above, but then I can’t because, well, I love all those pictures and what would you replace them with anyway? It feels sort of wrong to take down a picture of Jesus Christ and put up something else instead.)

The newest addition to my home is this very large pouf/bean bag:


The UPS man was confused when he delivered three boxes of bean bag filling to my house, as the boxes were so light.


I sewed it myself, including sewing in my very first zipper ever. Not perfect. I’m honestly worried that it will just all fall apart someday, but so far it hasn’t. It’s been jumped on quite vigorously and is still holding up (though it gets less poofy) .

It’s white, which seems sort of idiotic with a houseful of kids, but I could always dye it another color later. And I can wash it if I really need to. And I like white.


I have this blank wall here, and it was my intention that I was going to put something on it, but I sort of just love having a blank wall.

My house is rarely perfectly clean, because I have children and because we’re home a lot. But I like most everything in the house, it’s never much of a chore to pick up. Becuase I like these things I am handling.


At times, I’ve had to stop reading blogs or looking at design sites and pictures because they’ve made me unhappy with what I have. But I’m finally at a place where I like what I have enough that I don’t feel a need to compare myself and come up lacking. I know things aren’t perfect, but they work and I like them and my family likes it, and that’s enough. So I can read my design blogs and I enjoy them because I’m not comparing.


I made an air conditioning cover into a pin board, thanks to my mom’s suggestion. We have a prayer chart on there and the kids have to have the arrow pointing on the right person before we say prayers. And right now, I have my own wedding announcement pinned to it, as if I need to remember the date.


Home is a place we try to make functional in so many different ways. It’s a place to feel peaceful and calm. A place to laugh in. A place to cook and eat. Watch TV. Play. Sleep. So much time is spent at home, and building a home means making that time more worthwhile, more enjoyable.

And the pouf/bean bag added to the function, because it’s somewhere the kindergartner can fall asleep on after school. And where the preschooler can jump without hurting himself. Though the two things probably shouldn’t happen at the same time.


Good night everyone.


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  1. I loved this post more than I can say. Home is a word that encompasses so much more than brick and mortar. It is a feeling of togetherness and love that all takes place inside the walls. That is what you described here and I feel such a sense of peace reading it.

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