Books I’ve read this year

This year, I’ve kept track of what I’ve read. Someday, I want to read a book a day. Right now, I’m too busy and I can’t read that fast, so I have a goal to read about a book a week.

Here are some of the variety of books I’ve read, with some thoughts:

The Odyssey. Finally got around to reading this, and I enjoyed it very much. Some of the verse in here I think is simply beautiful.

Housekeeping. I had the author sign my copy of this book before I read it, but it is masterfully written and is very original. I love where the characters end up.

Inkheart. One of the many similiar series I’ve started and have no desire to finish. I really liked this book and don’t care that there is more story–I’m good with just the one book.

Mister Monday. I have a different opinion of asthma after reading this book–Arthur, the main character, is just a really awesome hero.

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea. Zero is a really, really awesome concept. Calculus was invented by Newton by basically dividing by zero. Awesome stuff.

Outsiders. This is my second time reading it, but this book has so much heart and is so real.

Cosmicomics. Most original books I’ve ever read.

Those are just a few, but I love good books. In fact, looking over my list, I haven’t read a book I didn’t like the whole year. Maybe I just like all books.

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  1. Unlike Anilee, I *didn’t* like Inkspell – I say, if you’re content with how Inkheart ended, don’t keep reading. 🙂

    I should read Outsiders…

  2. I can’t get into [i]Inkspell[/i]. I’ve owned it for a year, but each page is a century to me. I finally feel how non readers dread summer reading.

    I just got [i]Mister Monday[/i] out of the library. So far it’s really good, but a bit freaky. He just had an asthma attack.

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