Book Review: House of Scorpion

I recently stayed up until 11:30 reading House of Scorpion, by Nancy Farmer.

It was a very original and well-written book. The reality and vulnerability of the characters was astonishing for a young adult fantasy book, and Matt (the main character) was complex, realistic, and wonderful. It didn’t separate the world into good and evil and had the good fight against the evil–it was much more complicated than that, yet there was a very strong sense of right and wrong in the book and being able to choose what is right.

It occurs in a futuristic world and a clone (Matt) has to grow up with intense discrimination as clones are not considered people. The plot is dark at times and even almost frightening, but the complexity of the characters in the world they live this really makes the book worth reading.

My sister didn’t like the middle part, but I thought everything in the book was essential to bringing the main character to the ending and being able to form him into the person he becomes.

Enjoyable read, especially if your looking for something with a bit more weight.

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  1. Oh my gosh, it’s a book that I’ve read before you!!! I liked it too, especially when…well, I don’t want to give out any spoilers. Ah, I liked it, even though kind of dark.

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