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adventures of the unadventurous heather

So there once was a girl who was almost done with her schooling. She had spent most of her life sitting in class and doing somewhat pointless things, like how to pretend to think really hard when she actually wasn’t.

The problem was, though she was almost done with school, she wasn’t done yet. And she kept having to go to class, and show that she had mastered those pointless thing she had learned throughout her life. And pretend they weren’t pointless.

One day, as she was sitting in class, letting her mind melt to mud, she saw a very large gerbil pop out of a blue door. No one else around her seemed to see him.

“How about we take you two months into the future, when you are all done with school?” the magic gerbil said.

“Sure,” she said.

Suddenly she found herself sitting in a graduation robe completely done with school.

Then she realized that she had really liked school. And she wanted to go back.

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