In my creative writing course, it says: “If the requirements of the course conflict with the student’s sincerely-held core beliefs, the student should consider dropping the class. Seriously, no accommodations.”

Now, many of the things in the class do conflict with my core beliefs. I have to read things I would rather not ever read that really do against my beliefs. What can I do? Basically, the only thing I could do was  drop the class. However, I didn’t because I didn’t know to the extent of how bad things were. I looked over the readings we were assigned–6 so far–and in all but one of them, there was objectionable content. Some of it was very offensive and even hurtful. I had to stop reading one story and I am very glad I did. It only got worse.

My option right now is to struggle through the class. I have been in quite a few English classes where the content is things I do not agree with, but I have to take them for my a major.

Here’s a word from the school policy of accomodations: “The University assumes no obligation to ensure that all students are able to complete any major.”

Hmmm. I don’t disagree with the policy–reading over it, it seems fine.

But professors teach these things in the name of learning. The purpose of learning is to come closer to truth, isn’t it? Why then, do professors feel the need for objectionable content in the course? Objectionable content will never equal truth. Must we get rid of our innocence to have an education? Or can we retain our innocence? Do we need to know evil? Is evil truth? Is filth truth? I think not. I learn for truth, so why don’t the professors try to teach it?

I don’t see how people can say that learning filth is more important to a persons core-beliefs. Aren’t beliefs the things that truth comes from? Beliefs are my life and who I am. I go to school to learn, but as soon as the learning tries to convince me to forget what I believe, the learning does me no good.

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  1. It makes me think of what we learn here at BYU. There are some stories we read in English with objectionable content, but not the majority; in my Art History class, we see lots of paintings and statues in the nude, but not especially erotic ones. So, I do like seeing things that I don’t normally see, or read, but I know it hurts to see/read things that are way out of the mainstream line of art (be it literature or visual).

    There is too much filth and smut in the world that is called “art” and I am saddened by it because I am an artist and a writer (like youself).

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